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IDEAL irepair Lethbridge Connect & Protect

We’re a Koodo Prepaid Retailer

As an authorized Koodo prepaid retailer, we can help connect your device to Canada's largest network on an affordable plan.

Buy Your Screen Protector in Lethbridge

Watch our experienced staff apply it in-store.

Shaky hands? Don’t worry about getting dust or bubbles locked into your screen. When you buy your screen protector in-store, our staff will apply it for you.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

iPhones and iPads | Starting at $40

Our iPhone Tempered Glass Screen Protectors come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the phone. If there are any peels, cracks, or breaks on the tempered glass it will be replaced for free.

Vinyl Screen Protectors

Various Devices | Starting at $30

Custom cut vinyl screen protectors for your smart watch, Android phone, laptop, iPad, or computer.

Visit us in-store or call to see if we have a screen protector in-stock for your device.

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